Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has a secret dream of being a stand up comedian it would seem. Despite playing football for clubs and country in front of huge crowds, nerves are his biggest hurdles to becoming a comedian.

“He hates getting up to talk in front of crowds, let alone tell jokes but he’s got some good material – some of it pretty controversial.” Maybe some of them are about footballers cheating? That would be controversial.

“Wayne’s a regular at comedy nights in Liverpool and Manchester. He’s always been a funny guy and has said before he’d love to be a comedian,” one of Rooney's friends told The Daily Star.

Rooney may be a funny man, however maybe it would be best to concentrate on the football and then tell the jokes at the end of the season.

We don’t know if we are excited or scared by the idea of Mr. Rooney telling us what he finds funny. Until then we can only imagine.

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