Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd has joined the US remake of Only Fools and Horses.

We’re being teased with the news of this remake: those American PR teams are gradually releasing information to get us all excited only for us not to be able to see it unless we resort to dastardly digital means, which of course we never would.

According to Deadline, Christopher Lloyd will play Grandad, joining John Leguizamo as Delboy and Dustin Ybarra as Rodney. BJ Bales will play Trigger. Nope, us neither, but apparently he’s in Happy Endings, nope us neither.

And just to remind you of other hoo-haa around this remake: David Jason thinks the show will translate to the US as well as The Royal Bodyguard captured an audience in the UK (thugh he didn't quite put it like that, obvs); Scrubs writers are involved and the original show ran between 1981 and 2003.

The latter information is particularly useful if you're playing Trivial Pursuit round about now. Otherwise, it's just nice to know, isn't it?

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