The Ross and Rachel story

Rachel stands up to the mean lady at the launderette and celebrates by planting on on Ross' mouth.

Ross starts to ask Rachel out but a cat distracts the fickle woman and attacks him.

Chandler slips up and mentions to Rachel about the last time Ross spent loads on a birthday present for the woman he ...

Ross gets all lovey dovey on the phone right in front (on top of..?) Rachel who just can't take it anymore...

Whilst on a date a very drunk Rachel calls Ross for a bit of 'closure'.

Ross picks up his messages and hears Rachel's drunken voicemail. 'You're over me? When were you...under me?'

Ross climbs Rachel's fire escape in the rain to apologise for making a con list about her. Well done Ross.

Rachel watches her prom video in which Ross was seconds away from asking her to the dance. Awww.

Rachel can't stop laughing when she and Ross start know..

Ross and Rachel finally get it on in the museum.

Rachel excites Ross by donning the legendary Star Wars Princess Leia costume but Ross is having trouble relaxing...

Rachel suggests she and Ross take a break from their relationship. He just HAD to mention Mark didn't he!

Rachel finds out about Ross' one night stand while the others are forced to hide in the bedroom listening.

Rachel calls Ross over so she can give him back his stuff. But he wants it all - even his Frankie Says Relax T-shirt.

Ross finally flips and tells Rachel he fell asleep reading her epic letter. After all it was eighteen pages ...

Rachel may exchange gifts sometimes but she keeps the things that matter - including 1 million year old dinosaur ...

Rachel's the last person to find out that she's in love with Ross. You'd think she'd know...

Ross makes the ultimate wedding fail, saying the wrong name of the bride at the altar. It's EMILY!

Ross and Rachel get drunk in their Vegas hotel room because she won't go out in public after Ross drew on her face. ...

Chandler and Monica have to wait for a service to finish before they get married unaware that it's Ross and Rachel ...

It's the morning after the night before when Ross and Rachel wake up next to each other and they can't remember a ...

Turns out Ross didn't get the annulment. Oops

Phoebe hails a taxi for Rachel while she talks to Ross about him not getting the annulment.

Phoebe reckons Ross still loves Rachel so what does he do to dissuade her? He asks Rachel to move in with him. Good one.

Rachel and Ross try to get their marriage annulled but Rachel's lies rile the man up.

The Friends watch the videotape of Ross and Rachel and find out who came onto who. 'Did I ever tell you about the time ...

Rachel, aware that she's being totally unreasonable asks Ross not to date anyone else. Amazingly he agrees but asks her ...

Four women, one higher than the number of centimetres Rachel is dilated, have come and gone and had their babies but no ...

Rachel becomes a mummy, smacking Ross in the forehead in the process.

Locked out of the apartment, Rachel worries that Emma could jump out of her crib. Ross doesn't help matters.

Overcome with Emma's cuteness Ross decides to sing Sir Mix-a-Lot's classic 'Baby Got Back' to her which yields an ...

Rachel tries to get Emma to laugh and resorts to also singing 'Baby Got Back'. That girl is all about the ass...

Rachel finds out that Ross never gave her a message from a guy and let's just say it doesn't go down well.

Ross makes a toast to Rachel and Joey and also to love. Ahh Love. L-O-V-E...

Emma takes her first go on the swings and loves it. The little daredevil. Ross then gets kicked in the head. FUNNY.

Rachel makes a move on Ross but like a true gentlemen he departs so he doesn't come across at taking ...

Ross finally confronts Rachel about getting a goodbye but doesn't expect what he's about to hear.

Ross returns home after failing to convince Rachel to stay. But an answerphone message soon brings new hope - does she ...


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