The Friends Guide to Sex

The Friends watch the videotape of Ross and Rachel and find out who came onto who. 'Did I ever tell you about the time ...

Monica gives Chandler a quick schooling into how to get a girl's rocks off...and herself apparently.

Rachel excites Ross by donning the legendary Star Wars Princess Leia costume but Ross is having trouble relaxing...

Its Sex O'Clock in NYC for Chandler as Monica puts on a shark programme to get him going.

Ross meets the only person that checked out his book from the library...and ends up *doing* what he was so adamant ...

Rachel and Monica find themselves in a condom condundrum.

The story of what REALLY happened when Chandler and Monica got together in London. Including the bit you don't normally ...

Fat Monica and Chandler decide to do the dirty deed. But even if he were horrible how would she know!?

Rachel is worried she'll get fired unless she locks Chandler back up the way he was.

Ross and Rachel finally get it on in the museum.

After Ross's dirty talk consisted of the word 'vulva', Joey makes him practice in front of him. I hope no ones ...

Chandler gets an eyeful of Rachel's rack and even when she covers herself up the 'nipular' area is still showing. Lucky ...

Joey and Chandler come up with some Threesome 'ground rules' just in case they end up in a ménage à trois with Chloe ...

Chandler presents a copy of the porn movie Joey had a part in. 'You know that's bad for the paper tray...'

The friends all know each other knows that they know about Chandler and Monica...(?) So Phoebe gets her breasts out to ...

Ross tries some 'Class A Flirting' with Caitlin the pizza girl and ends up talking about the finer points of gas.

Rachel can't stop laughing when she and Ross start know..

Ross is pulled over for driving too slowly so he takes a leaf out of Rachel's book and tries flirting with the police ...

After their date Joey and Rachel share their 'end of date moves' on each other.

Ross and his date move things over to the couch where his teeth come up just a tad bright under her black light.

Joey puts two and two together and realises Chandler and Monica have been doing it all along.

Joey discovers a dirty picture of Monica and still bearing the burden of her and Chandler's secret, the gang discuss ...

When 'Tall Guy' doesn't listen to reason, Joey has no choice but to make the guy look like he's pissed himself.

Joey's sister Marie-Therese lays one on Chandler the trouble is he thought it was Marie-Angela. They do look really ...

Rachel finds out about Ross' one night stand while the others are forced to hide in the bedroom listening.


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