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After ten years you'd think the cast of Friends could nail their lines. Nope. But thank god they didn't otherwise we wouldn't have had these hilarious outtakes.

It's potty mouth central in more of these hilarious outtakes from Season 10 of Friends.

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One last bunch of hilarious bloopers from the final season of Friends.

Corpsing has never been funnier than watching these outtakes of Friends. Here's the season 9 gag reel.

Bloopers from the ninth season of Friends. Prepare to wet yourself.

Butt-wettingly funny outtakes from season 8 of Friends.

More funny outtakes from Friends in the next lot of bloopers from season 8.

As the years went on the cast of Friends seemingly got worse at holding it together on set. Here's the proof in this season 7 gag reel.

More corpsing from the cast of Friends in the rest of these bloopers from season 7.

Watch the cast of Friends royally fudging up their lines in this season 6 blooper reel.

More hilarious outtakes from the cast of Friends trying desperately to get their act together.


All the classic Friends songs and a whole lot more."
Phoebe running, "Red Ross", the Thanksgiving football game and more!"
Cookies, cheesecakes, trifles..."
Ross speaking with a British accent, Phoebe biting her massage clients, Joey's Ichiban advert and more!"
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The bit where Joey punched Ross, the bit where Joey doesn't share food, the bit where Joey speaks French - they're all here!"
Rachel drunk in Vegas, Rachel selling that god awful cat, Rachel shouting at Ross lots. Basically loads of Rachel clips. Get stuck in."
Chandler being sarcastic, Chandler going to Yemen to escape Janice, Chandler not being able to cry etc etc. You know the drill."
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Marcel the Monkey was a naughty little fella (he wasn't even a boy actually - it was 'Katie' the Capuchin that portrayed Marcel for the most part) ..."