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He's Royal. He's a baby. And he's got ice cream! All part of a Brilliant British Summer on Comedy Central.


Still awaiting that Lion King style presentation? Well, you might be disappointed, if the Royal Heir gets his way!

He's Royal, he's a baby, and he's got ice cream! Brill-o!

Grandpa Charles wants to borrow the crown and stuff, but our bantersaurus baby has other ideas.

The royal baby gets a call from his new role model. Legend.

Will the next addition to the royal family be a boy or a girl? Why don't you ask him? Her. It.

The newest heir to the throne isn't happy - someone snapped him on his bad side.

The Royal Baby is so excited about this summer that he's decreed a season of Comedy Britannia!

The planet's newest royal gets a call from his Auntie Pippa.