Alternative Comedy Experience

Our brand new and exclusive stand up series The Alternative Comedy Experience starts Tuesday 5th February, 11pm.

Over thirty years ago, a new wave of stand-ups spearheaded the Alternative Comedy movement, marking themselves out as different from the safe television turns, the Oxbridge satirists, and the racist and sexist Working Men’s Club comics of the time.

The Alternative Comedy Experience captures that same schism happening again. An advance raiding party of modern day Alternative Comedians offering material too clever, thoughtful, radical, satirical, strange, or downright stupid to make it onto the stand-up outlets of contemporary television.

Filmed in front of a real comedy club audience, with its fast-moving distinctive visual style and unique cast The Alternative Comedy Experience is original, unpredictable, and unlike any other live stand-up show on our screens.

The Alternative Comedy Experience celebrates the past, the present and the future of the UK comedy circuit and the craft of stand-up comedy at its most original.

Renew your faith in this vital live art form.

Curated by the one and only Stewart Lee, the series features a stellar cast of award winning stand ups including Simon Munnery, Isy Suttie, Boothby Graffoe, Phil Nichol, Andy Zaltzman, Henning Wehn, Josie Long, Paul Foot, Tony Law, David O'Doherty, Bridget Christie, Robin Ince, Glenn Wool, Maeve Higgins and more!



Maeve Higgins reveals the truth about her father and his puppeteer, her mother, in this final episode of our exclusive and original series The Alternative Comedy Experience.

Sam Simmons talks to Stewart Lee about the decline of ‘silliness’ in comedy, and shares a tip on buying reindeer thermometers.

Paul Foot joins the cast of The Alternative Comedy Experience and shares just some of his many 'disturbances' with the audience.