EPA administrator Gina McCarthy shares her goals for implementing effective climate change policy.

Jennifer Garner reminisces about her early acting days with Stephen Colbert and shares some of Kevin Costner's leisure activities on the set of "Draft Day."

Colin Firth discusses his film "The Railway Man," in which he plays a war crime survivor.

"Draft Day" star Denis Leary describes how his hairstyles reflect his wide-ranging acting abilities and questions why he wasn't given a part in "Rosewater."

Author Matt Taibbi discusses wanting to spark a conversation about socially accepted white-collar crime with his book "The Divide."

Author and football player Pele recounts the creative materials he used to play football as a child, and shares how seeing his father cry influenced his legendary career.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" star Samuel L. Jackson describes how technology has made it possible for comics to truly come to life.

In this exclusive, extended interview, "Flash Boys" author Michael Lewis explains high-frequency trading and computer-based manipulation of the market.

In his book "Flash Boys," author Michael Lewis discovers an unlikely band of heroes who uncover corrupt and rigged stock market practices.

"Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage shares his favorite fan reactions to the Red Wedding scene and discusses having amazing hair in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Senior Women's Issues Correspondent Kristen Schaal laments her diminishing attractiveness and launches K-Date to help ladies get started on the husband hunt early.

Jude Law dons an amazing beard for his role in "Dom Hemingway", and explains to Jon why London is better than New York.

In this extended, exclusive interview, Professor Anita Hill recounts her involvement in a landmark sexual harassment case, the topic of the new documentary "Anita."

Jason Bateman recalls really wanting to be the shank bone at his first Passover dinner and makes his directorial debut in "Bad Words."

Pope Francis' papacy turns one, and the pontiff continues to win over unexpected converts with his freewheeling behavior.

Professor Kimberly Marten explores why Vladimir Putin has risked so much in choosing to invade Crimea and explains the proper procedures for establishing autonomous states.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow shares her motivations for delving back into the sordid past of the Iraq War in the documentary "Why We Did It."

Author and former senator Jim DeMint shares his views on how politics are dividing America and why community-based organizing is the solution.

Seth MacFarlane reflects on getting bored in Santa Fe and deciding to novelize his western "A Million Ways to Die in the West."

"Falling in Love with America Again" author and former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint discusses the need for political action at the local level.


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