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    Live At The Apollo

    Brand new to Comedy Central. 'Fresh Meat' and 'Bad Education' star Jack Whitehall is our host tonight at The Apollo. Sharp-faced Canadian Katherine Ryan and the deadpan Rich Hall join him. [S]

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    Two Pints of Lager and a Packet...

    She insists that Donna buy her an expensive present, confusing Donna's generosity for wealth. (S3, ep9)

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    The Alternative Comedy Experience

    On tonight's bill Robin Ince is joined by David O'Doherty, Josie Long, Isy Suttie, Helen Keen, and Mr Browns Boys No1 fan Michael Legge. Backstage interviews conducted by old comedian Stewart Lee. Go to The Alternative Comedy Experience

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    The US Office

    Stairmageddon: Stanley is enraged at the lift being serviced, and when he refuses to go out on a sales pitch Dwight goes to extreme measures to make it happen. Oscar and Angela's secret comes out.

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    South Park

    Miss Teacher B*ngs A Boy: Power goes to Cartman's head when he becomes "Dawg the Hallway Monitor". Meanwhile, Kyle is shocked to discover his little brother Ike and his teacher are at "it"! [S]

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    The King Of Queens

    Ovary Action: Doug's parents come over for Christmas. Carrie is ovulating and they want to use this time to get pregnant, but Doug's parents keep getting in the way. [S]

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    Rules Of Engagement

    Audrey's Sister: Audrey's sister, Barbara (Heather Locklear), is having problems in her marriage. The one thing she doesn't need right now is a man who would trick her into bed. Cue Russell...

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    Rules Of Engagement

    Guy Code: Audrey gets a lesson about the "guy code" when Jeff shares a secret about a new friend. Some things are secret for a reason! [S]

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    A Man, A Plan and a Gal: Daphne and Niles decided to have a special dinner to reveal Daphne's pregnancy. However, Frasier's floundering relationship with Julia overshadows proceedings. [S] [AD]

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    The One Where Eddie Moves In: Joey considers moving back in with Chandler, but Chandler has a new roommate. A record producer wants to make a music video for Phoebe's song, "Smelly Cat". (S2, ep 17) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies: Joey's soap opera character gets dropped down an elevator shaft after Joey brags of writing his own lines in an interview. (S2, ep 18) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One Where Eddie Won't Go: Chandler demands that his bizarre new roommate, Eddie, move out, but he doesn't seem to get the message. (S2, ep 19) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One Where Old Yeller Dies: Phoebe's world view is shattered when she learns how "Old Yeller" really ends. Monica becomes jealous when Richard starts hanging with Joey and Chandler. (S2, ep 20) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With The Bullies: Chandler and Ross run into two bullies at the coffee shop, one of whom steals Chandler's hat. Meanwhile, Phoebe meets a brother she never knew she had. (S2, ep 21) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With Two Parties: Complications ensue when Rachel's estranged parents show up at the surprise party that the gang planned for her. (S2, ep 22) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With The Chicken Pox: Phoebe catches chicken pox from the baby just as her navy boyfriend (special guest-star Charlie Sheen) surfaces for the first time in two years. (S2, ep 23) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With Barry & Mindy's Wedding: Rachel agrees to be maid of honour at her ex-fiancé's wedding. Monica ponders her future with Richard after he tells her he doesn't want children. (S2, ep 24) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy: Ross reveals a fantasy to Rachel involving a certain "Star Wars" character. Meanwhile, Monica suffers from insomnia after her breakup with Richard. (S3, ep 1) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One Where No One's Ready: In a race against the clock, Ross tries to get the gang dressed and ready for a black-tie benefit at the museum. (S3, ep 2) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With The Jam: After breaking up with Richard, Monica uses her free time to make jam and considers insemination via a sperm bank. Guest stars David Arquette. (S3, ep 3) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel: Ross panics when he sees his son with a Barbie doll. Meanwhile, Phoebe poses as Joey's agent and manages to get him some good roles. (S3, ep 4) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With Frank, Jr: Phoebe's half-brother visits, but they have trouble bonding. Ross is asked to name the five celebrities he'd like to sleep with most. Guest star Isabella Rosselini (S3, ep 5) [S] Go to Friends

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    The One With The Flashback: When Janice asks the gang if any of them have ever slept together, the friends flash back to a time three years before. (S3, ep 6) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The Millers

    Carol's Surprise: Its Carol's birthday and every year the family try to surprise her but are always outsmarted. This year it's going to be different... they hope! Will Arnett stars. [S]

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    The One With The Racecar Bed (1): Monica buys a new bed from Janice's soon to be ex-husband, but the wrong one is delivered. (S3, ep 7) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With The Giant Poking Device (2): Joey and Monica catch Janice kissing her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Monica accidentally bumps Ben's head into a post. (S3, ep 8) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    Two And A Half Men

    West Side Story: Walden gets a little excited when fashion designer Kate arrives back in town. Meanwhile, Gretchen wants to see "Jeff Strongman's" place - where will he take her...? [S] Go to Two And A Half Men

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    The One With The Football: The gang plays a game of touch football on Thanksgiving, but temperatures run wild as sibling rivalry between Ross and Monica dominates proceedings. (S3, ep 9) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One Where Rachel Quits: Ross accidentally breaks a girl's leg, and attempts to make it up to her by selling cookies so she can win a trip. (S3, ep 10) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister: A drunken Chandler fools around with one of Joey's sisters - but he can't remember which one. (S3, ep 11) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With All The Jealousy: Ross becomes jealous when he thinks he catches Rachel's new co-worker, Mark, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. (S3, ep 12) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends: Monica's willpower is tested when she runs into Richard at a video store. (S3, ep 13) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner: Phoebe is reunited with her former singing partner (Elizabeth Daily). Meanwhile, Rachel's new job is putting a strain on her relationship with Ross. (S3, ep 14) [S] Go to Friends

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    The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break (1): Ross seeks solace at a party after a bitter fight with Rachel and ends up in the arms of another woman. First of a two-part episode. (S3, ep 15) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    The One The Morning After (2): When Rachel discovers that Ross slept with Chloe, she decides to break up with him. Second of a two-part episode. (S3, ep 16) [S] [AD] Go to Friends

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    Michael McIntyre: Hello Wembley!

    Recorded at Wembley Arena during Michael McIntyre's sell-out UK tour, Hello Wembley! features Michael's unique and hilarious take on parenting, supermarkets and everyday life. [S]

  • 22:00

    Lee Evans: XL Tour Live

    Lee Evans, captured live on his record-breaking XL tour. There's gags galore as he demonstrates why he loves the Olympic opening ceremony and just how romantic a boiling hot bath with his wife can be! [S]

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    New: Impractical Jokers

    Hidden camera practical joke show that follows the comedy troupe The Tenderloins. The Jokers pretend to be eccentric White Castle cashiers, Times Square tour guides, and Costco store employees.

  • 23:50

    New: Impractical Jokers

    Hidden camera practical joke show that follows the comedy troupe The Tenderloins. The group is challenged to apply the most lotion to beach-goers and pay the least at a frozen yogurt shop.