Hugely Inappropriate Toys For Kids

Seriously NSFW... or children.

If you think that picking up a Christmas toy for your kids is going to be a doddle, you might want to be careful.

Turns out toy manufacturers are up to all kinds of filth. You don't want any of these finding their way into your child's stocking...

Ken has got some questions to answer.

Guess this settles the debate over Pikachu's gender.

Don't blow this up kids. You'll only encourage him.

This is not where babies are supposed to come from.

"Okay, just don't tie it to my... OH GOD"

Don't let your kids learn this phrase. They might be asked to prove it...

Maybe give this a rinse before you use it.

Superman may yet discover something worse than kryptonite.

Kids! Stop playing with mummy's special glow-in-the-dark ET finger.

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