Here's What 10 Classic Movie Trailers Would Like If They Were Honest

The Revenant: "Leo grunts his way to an Oscar"

From The Martian to The Minions, brilliant Youtube channel Honest Trailers offers us some home truths about our favourite films. They claim to produce "hilarious trailers the producers don't want you to see" and from the Oscars trailer they've created, we can definitely see why!

1. The Oscars

The best line in this trailer for the 2016 Oscar nominees is "Leo grunts his way to an Oscar"

2. Spectre


To sum up the honest trailer for Spectre: "One of the best opening scenes in Bond history, followed by three minutes of tentacle porn, followed by...not much else"

3. Labyrinth


In tribute to David Bowie an honest trailer was made for Labyrinth, which highlights the hypnotic way that David Bowie says "baby" throughout

4. The Martian


The honest trailer for The Martian points out how much Matt Damon had at his disposal to get off Mars, whereas Tom Hanks had to make do with a volleyball and an ice skate in Castaway. Although to be fair, one place is slightly harder to evacuate than the other

5. Jurassic World


"After a string of highly public disasters where Dinosaurs escaped, they still have crappy fences, bad security, and conveniently bad reception," points out this trailer for Jurassic World

6. Toy Story


"Get ready for the classic children's film that's all about jealousy, broken dreams, and the existential dread that you will one day out-live your purpose and be replaced by someone newer and better." That's Toy Story for you.

7. The Little Mermaid


The honest trailer for The Little Mermaid sums up the kingdom of Atlantica as 'whimsically fascist'. Yup, pretty much.

8. Saw


"From a production company that sounds like they make porn, comes a film with the same production value as porn. In the low budget hit that transformed the horror genre into straight up torture porn - Saw"

9. Frozen


Frozen, according to this honest trailer is "the feature length video for Let It Go." And don't we know it.

10. Ghostbusters


"When there's something strange in your neighbourhood, there's only one group of unlicensed, heavily armed, disgraced college professors you can call - The Ghostbusters"

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