10 People Who Immediately Regretted Their Decisions

Learn from their mistakes, and never try anything ever again.

We've all done stuff that we immediately regretted. Whether it's sending an ill-considered text, ordering the wrong meal choice or committing to an overzealous Veet-ing spree.

But that's all small-fry compared to the people below. Brave men, women and animals who took the jump, and bailed in the most hilarious/horrific way possible.

Learn from their mistakes, and never try anything ever again.


This (former?) news anchor A.J. Clements on his first day at North Dakota news

This kitesurfing guy who belly flopped liked a meteor

This guy who suffered the greatest high-five related indignity possible

This idiot cat and its slinky

This young man reaching his nads nadir

This guy who tried to find friendship in TV, and failed

This dog who assumed that there were no enemies in the animal kingdom

This kid who thought that his ordeal was over.

This admittedly awesome idea that shouldn't have passed the planning stages

This breakdancer who almost pulled it off


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