10 Pictures of the Royal Family Looking Outrageously Sexy

They might look boring when they're sitting on a boat waving at people in the rain, but if you dig a bit deeper you'll find that the royals are one sexy family. Look at these raunchy snaps.

Wow, Prince Charles really is buff. We can't believe he doesn't go topless more often.

Look at the Queen, brazenly flashing her bedroom eyes at a visiting dignitary. She looks like she's just about to run her tongue sensuously around her lips too. Shameless!

Here's Princess Margaret being coquettish at a charity ball. We don't know what the charity was, but we're pretty sure they broke all previous records that night.

Yes, this is really Princess Anne. But look at her voluptous hair, her coy backwards glance, her impish half-pout. She's doesn't look like a princess, she looks like a Bond girl that was rejected for being too sexy.

What women could resist Prince Phillip's smouldering eyes? He has more raw animal magnetism than a panther with five dicks.

Even Prince Edward looks like an underwear model on his day off. You wouldn't even suspect he had this kind of charisma, but all it takes is a cocked eyebrow and you go weak at the knees.

Princess Margaret looks like she was made in a Weird Science experiment to combine all the sexiest parts of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. if you think she's hot now wait until she exhales.

Prince Andrew is flipping gorgeous! How is he not pinned to the wall of every teenage girl's bedroom in the country?

Okay, we have to stop now. Prince Charles turning on his charms is so arousing it should be illegal.

Here's Princess Leia in a green bikini.


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