10 Important Life Lessons From Joey Tribianni

There's too much wisdom in those eyes.

Here at Comedy Central, you could say we loved Friends. But actually, we did some research and it turns out most of 'em are really awful people. Except Joey, whose main faults include secretly adoring a penguin called Hugsy and eating two pizzas at a time. 

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he's certainly the most loveable, and he's taught us numerous things; from how to act (never forget your tweezers) to how to successfully chat up the ladies (how YOU doin?), he's always got your back.

Watch our video on the greatest things we learnt from Joey Tribbiani, remember how much you love him, then play Tinder with him. Yep, we made that possible. Told you we loved Friends.