11 Celebs Who Took A Tumble On Stage

It's OK, We're sure no one was watching...

1. Dave Grohl broke his ankle after falling from the stage at a concert in Sweden, but he kept on playing. This is rock 'n' roll.

2. Britney twisted her ankle at one of her gigs and like Grohl, soldiered on. What a legend.

3. Madonna took a tumble after tripping up on her cape at the 2015 Brit awards. Footage of it went viral within minutes. Poor Madge.

4. One half of Jedward tripped up on stage. We're not sure which of the two but being twins, they probably both got teased for this blunder.

5. Oh Olly, you were doing so well until you reached the steps.

6. There's an art to running in heels. Ariana Grande hasn't quite mastered it.

7. Ladies' man Peter Andre takes a fall but styles it out surprisingly well.

8. Ouch, Gaga. That looked painful.

9. The usually oh so cool Rihanna trips up and seems somewhat bemused by what just happened.

10. Whoops, Christina Aguilera. Lucky you had your mates to catch you.

11. Justin Bieber trips up on the stage at a concert in Belgium but styles it out in classic cool Bieber style.