11 Famous TV & Film Sets Perfectly Recreated In Lego

That Hogwarts tho.

Do you remember the countless hours spent on building with Lego blocks as a child? Or the numerous times you stepped on a lone brick and your whole life flashed before your eyes because of the enormous pain? Ah, yes. Those were the days. 

And as we've grown up, our interest have changed a little bit. Instead of chasing Mario Kart characters on roads made of rainbows, we're chasing Pokemon around graveyards (OK, we're still playing Mario a bit too). But one thing's remained constant - our TV and film geekery, our hearts full of nostalgia.

That's why we constantly trying to recreate our childhoods via virtual reality, be it The SimsMinecraft, or beloved Lego bricks. Check out the latest Lego reincarnations and bask in that 90s feeling (no, you can't move in, yes, we already tried). 

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