11 Fire Responses To #HeterosexualPrideDay

Because privilege is hard too... *eye roll*

When you're straight, you face oppression every day of your life. No one bats an eyelid when you make out with your crush on the street, or when you casually mention you're married down the pub, or when you walk home alone at night dressed in your straight club gear through a shady neighbourhood... Seriously, it's like you don't even exist! #TheStruggleIsReal.

But never fear, hetero pals, there's now a day for you all to feel included and like the world is paying you some attention for a change! Introducing #HeterosexualPrideDay!

Here are some of our favourite responses from Twitter dot com.

The question every LGBT+ person is dying to know

Coming soon to a top trend near you

People wanna know about your big day

Because we all need allies

Freedom of travel for all

Believe in yourself

People can be so bigoted

Solidarity is for everyone, not just the oppressed

Because the people need to know your struggle

The pain of not having any pain is still pain

So many issues faced the world over

So, happy #HeterosexualPrideDay! Hope you all stay strong when you wake up tomorrow... and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, basically ANY OF THE ALREADY EXISTING HETEROSEXUAL PRIDE DAYS YOU FUCKING SELF-ENTITLED IDIOTS.

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