11 Hilarious Signs From The #MarchForEurope

"Baguettes not regrets"...

Usually, British politics is about as interesting and original as your boyfriend's latest screenplay. But, thanks to the EU Referendum and a parade of right wing parasites crawling out the back benches, the public are finally paying it all the attention it deserves.

On Saturday, somewhere in the region of 30,000 turned out to show their support for our nearly-departed EU and, this being Britain, the signs and slogans were absolutely ON POINT!

Here are 11 of our favourite funny signs from the March For Europe...

Who said politics can't be sexy?


Football crazy, Brexit mad

Okay, EU, now let's get in formation (we should stay)

Is that Fromage like Fromage or like Fromage?

A new, politer politics

If you ignore the Corbyn-bashing this is pretty good song appropriation

There we go, much better

Nightmare vision of our future overlords...

The ultimate disgrace


Thanks British placard producers - without you Brexit would be far worse than Brexshit.

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