11 Movie Posters Made Way, WAY Better By Ratatouille

Anyone can photoshop...

We've all, at one time or another, adopted a terrible opinion just to be contrary. For one of our colleagues, that meant holding out on watching Game Of Thrones for a full three seasons because it was 'too populist', boring everyone and anyone down the pub with his garbage opinions, while occasionally farting into a wine glass to sample the aroma (we imagine). 

Ratatouille is the movie that no one in their right mind could hate. Seriously, it's got it all - cooking (yes), cute rats (YES), a food critic with unresolved childhood issues (YAS QUEEN). It's the movie equivalent of Petit Filous. That's why it seems to insane to us that the leader of a US-based cinema fraternity absolutely HATES it, for seemingly no reason.

Luckily, his fellow fraternites (that's a thing, yes?) have worked out the best way of teasing him... photoshopping the poster for every single movie screening he organises (check out the amazing Reddit thread here). 

Seriously, some of these are a work of art! 

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