Watch 11 People Ruin Their Own Lives In The Space Of 6 Seconds

Instant regret.

Hey, have you seen that guy's cock and balls? You know - the ones that exploded out of his trousers as he attempted to get down to a Rihanna song? He wasn't wearing any pants, for some reason.

No? It's a pretty big deal on the internet today. Here it is, if you haven't.



Look at that reaction. A heady mixture of horror and resignation, full in the knowledge that his dick has now become a viral joke. It is quite possible - and probable - that his great, great grandchildren will watch this video. They will be bullied mercilessly because of it.

But he isn't the first, and he won't be the last. So, in honour of this man and his much-mentioned unmentionables, we've gathered together a bunch of other people who instantly regretted their decision...

This guy who didn't have his mind on the game.



"On her way to fuck your bitch"

The piss of death.

This guy who decided to take a shortcut...

This kid who can't stand the heat, and therefore should step out of the kitchen.

This trick shot that probably worked better in training.

This skateboarder, who's more bad than rad.

This Wii bowler who gets a little too involved.

What does he even say here? Blade?