11 Ross Geller Jokes Only Science Geeks Understand

Big Friends fan? Prove it like a theorem.

1. When he had the best fancy dress idea EVER

Monica: "What are you supposed to be?"

Ross: "Remember the Russian satellite, Sputnik? Well, I’m a potato or a…spud. And these are my antennae. So Sputnik, becomes…Spud-nik. Spudnik!"

Chandler: "Wow! I don’t have the worst costume anymore!"

2. And the street talk got very serious, very quickly

He identified Chandler's assumptions and goals like NO ONE else could.

3. When he weighed in on the American evolution debate

Phoebe: "I'm just saying there's [evolution] is one of the possibilities".

Ross: "It's the ONLY possibility, Phoebe".


4. When someone WAY overestimated the capabilities of the Australopithecus species

Just nervous?! Not funny, Chandler.

5. When he couldn't stop wondering about that Mesozoic Mastodon, either

"They discovered what appeared to be the remains of a Paleozoic amphibian in its jaws!"

How DID it get there, though?!?!

6. When his sparkling wit wasn't appreciated in its own time

You totally already knew that, didn't you.

7. When he shared your complete love of Sci-Fi

Ross: "A hundred million people went to see a movie about what I do. I wonder how many people would go see a movie called Jurassic Parka".

Rachel: "Oh, that is so..."

Ross: "No, no, no, a bunch of out-of-control jackets take over an island!"

8. When it wasn't the sex joke that bothered him, but the factual incorrectness

Ross: "I have sex with dinosaurs??"

Chandler: "I believe I read that somewhere!"

Ross: "That only is not funny, it’s physically impossible! Ok? Depending on the species I’d have to have a six foot long… It’s not funny!!"

9. When the real joke wasn't Ross' accent, but Rigby's goddamn STUPIDITY

Ross: "Right! So when Rigby got his samples back from the laboratory he made a startling discovery! What he believed to be igneous, was in fact sedimentary." The silly sausage.

10. When historical accuracy was KEY*

Ross: "Doesn't she look a little angry?"

Marsha: "Try living with 'Mr. Hey, I'm evolving'. He's out banging other women over the head with a club, while she sits at home trying to get the mastodon smell out of the carpet."

Ross: "Marsha, these are CAVE people."

11. Or not... because the study of 'cave people' would come under Anthropology, NOT Paleontology

Always wonder about that when watching the series? Congratulations - you're a true science (and Friends) geek.

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