11 Things British People Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Americans will be spending this Thursday reminding themselves of all the great things in their lives, and there's no reason we can't join them...

1. We are thankful for this consistently miserable weather, which provides us with ample small talk in lifts or hairdressers.

2. We are likewise thankful for London and their £5 pints, allowing us to bond with our fellow man over a knowing shake of the head.

3. We are thankful for our reliably unreliable transport, for providing us with the excuse to finally use our otherwise inactive Twitter accounts.

4. We are thankful for infinite queues, for allowing us enough time to explore the depths of our imaginations and agonise over whether we locked the front door or not.

5. We are thankful for Nandos, for giving us the cheekiest branded meme of 2015.

6. We are thankful for Tim Berners-Lee, for inventing the internet and thus making it possible to Snapchat pictures of our own face covered in cry-laugh emojis.

7. We are thankful for Zayn, for reminding us that nothing is forever and that we should cherish what we have before it’s gone.

8. We are thankful for JK Rowling, for ensuring we never forget that Harry Potter exists.

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9. We are thankful for Dave Benson Phillips, for proving our childhood never dies by having the most fire social media game of the year.

10. We are thankful for Donald Trump, for showing us that it could be somehow worse on the other side of the pond.

11. We are thankful for the different means of making of tea, for evidencing what makes us different brings us together.