11 Things That Are Definitely Happening In A Parallel Universe Right Now

A whole universe of baby pigeons...

News, eh? Bloody news. Natural disasters here, crazed clowns there, and that's just the Presidential race...

Maybe it's time we get the hell out of here. No, not Britain, Europe, or even the world. This ~dimension~.

The many worlds theory holds that, well, it's in the name: there are many worlds in existence, concurrently, where different outcomes of minute choices can fracture reality itself, and create a whole new reality. Basically, remember this morning where you chose between the black shoes and the more black shoes? Well, there's now a world where you're wearing each (maybe even one where you're wearing both).

So, writer, artist, and all-round funny guy, Tristan Cross has been thinking about what other worlds might exist out there... Here are 11 things that are definitely happening in a parallel universe right now!

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