11 Times Amy Poehler Was The Woman You Always Dreamed Of Being

She's not like a regular comedian, she's a cool comedian.

To celebrate the fact that the one and only Amy Poehler is on Billy On The Street tonight at 11pm on Comedy Central, we've rounded up all the times she was at least twice the woman you are.

But mostly likely triple. Watch and learn, everyone. Watch and learn. 

1. When she kept her speeches fresh

2. When she reacted like this to not winning an Emmy

3. When she wasn't afraid to tell it like it is

4. When she wore a straight jacket on Billy on the Street like it ain't no thang

5. And then also did this


6. When she wasn't like a regular mom, she was a cool mom

7. When she gave tip-top life advice

8. When she invented the best day of the year

9. When she always kept it real with her best friend

10. When she hung out with Elmo

11. When waffles

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