11 Times Brands Had Absolutely No Chill On Twitter

Cyber clap-backs.

When Old Spice tried to take Taco Bell down, but it backfired.

When @LauraEllen couldn't decide which one is better, Oreo or KitKat, so the two brands decided to fight for her.

And when Oreo knew their target costumer base better than AMC Theatres.

When Smart dropped some serious math on this smartass.

When Deadspin was having none of Donald Trump's shit.

When Taco Bell called BuzzFeed out for being too flashy.

When T-Mobile was tired of whatever Verizon was trying to do here.

When Jaffa Cakes had no chill whatsoever and dragged Tesco Mobile.

When Taco Bell showed no mercy on White Castle.

When Wendy's clapped back so hard, they had to delete the original tweet.

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And finally, when Oakland Athletics gave Smash Mouth a little reality check.

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