11 Times British People Triumphed Over Mother Nature

Fact: All Brits are born with stiff upper lips and waterproof skin.


1. A group of great Britons indulging in the Great British pastime of queueing for Great British boyband One Direction in the Great British weather

2. Our ability to stand in the pouring rain looking virtually nonplussed is far more impressive than some cheating dogs if you ask us

3. Revellers making the most of Britain's premier summer festival, Glastonbury

4. And Britain's premier summer sporting event, Wimbledon

5. Ah! It's chucking it down! Let's have a picnic!

6. A bit of extra rainwater enhances chips tenfold

7. It's spitting out? No matter, stick the kettle on and enjoy a brew in one of our typical outdoor cafes  

8. Or one of our many tranquil beer gardens in beautiful British idylls

9. Nothing warms you up on a wet and windy day quite like a Whippy

10. The Christmas dip, a mainstay of the British holiday season

11. Quick! A few seconds of summer! In Britain! Better make the most of it!