11 Ways To Pull A Sickie This Summer

Summer is for sunbathing, ice cream, beer gardens and calling in sick to work.


The evening before you're planning on skiving, Instagram a picture of some badly barbecued chicken you’re about to tuck into.



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Tweet ‘Lady problems :(’ if you’re a woman, or ‘Testicle issues :(’ if you're a man.

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Get sunburnt, but in such an embarrassing way that you simply can’t have any human contact until it clears up.



Check out what I scored at the #alamedafair. #awkwardsunburn #damnovercast #rookiemove

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Break your least important limb. It’s a sacrifice that’s worth making. Just go ahead and slam it in a door.



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Get one of your relatives to marry then divorce then remarry on a constant cycle. Insist that you must attend EVERY wedding, even if the legalities which allow them to marry again haven’t come through yet.

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Claim the train tracks at your tube station have completely melted and will take a few hours to repair.

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Buy loads of terminally ill pets.



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Keep taking emergency phone calls at work and rushing out of the toilets with bleary eyes. Use the breaks to level up on Candy Crush.


Go into a shop that does free makeup samples and give yourself a really realistic-looking black eye. Send a selfie to your boss with the message “I just don't want to see anyone today”.



Man know I rock dis black eye haha #me #blackeyeselfie #badboy #lol #attackedbyachav haha

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Sit, fully clothed, in a bath of freezing water all weekend.



Getting ready for Garry Bjorklund on Saturday #icebath

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Fake a family member’s death.

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