11 Yiddish Words We All Need To Start Using

Who wouldn't want to call someone a noodge?


Used to mean ‘nothing’ or ‘something of little value’, though literally translates as ‘beans’ or ‘goat droppings.'

Used in a sentence: He isn’t worth bupkis!


To offer unwanted advice.

Used in a sentence: Sharon just tried to convince to grow out my toenails. She is such a kibitzer!


Crazy or senseless behavior.

Used in a sentence: Sharon has now told me about her toenail fetish… I think she’s meshuga…


To pester/nag/whine.

Used in a sentence: Gary is a noodge, he keeps asking me to do such annoying stuff, like pay him “rent”…


Basically, a person who is a pain in the neck.

Used in a sentence: Seriously. It's been three weeks and he still insists that I owe him money. Gary is the ultimate nudnick.


A clumsy, stupid, or unattractive person.

Used in a sentence: On our first date, I spilt a whole pint over him! I'm a schlub :(


A particularly gullible person.

Used in a sentence: "Did you know that the word schnook is written on the ceiling?"


An quarrel/brawl/argument.

Used in a sentence: Oliver and I had a shemozzle last night. [TIP: if you say that you and your partner had a shemozzle, it makes it sound a lot better]


To be pished, trollied, gazebo'd. (Drunk.)

Used in a sentence: After Kate brought out the sambucca shots, I was completely shickered.


A foolish or contemptible person.

Used in a sentence: Did you know that Neil eats toothpaste? What a schmendrick!


To ;) - if you know what we mean... (sex (as in, intercourse (to have sexual intercourse)))

Used in a sentence: Hey baby, let’s shtup it up in here!