12 Best World Cup Tweets To Keep You Going

IT'S (probs not) COMING HOME!!!

The World Cup releases a type of patriotism we didn’t even know we had.

Especially when most of us usually couldn’t care less about our Englishness. 

Feeling EMOSH tbh...

The onset of English Pride is not the only thing sweeping the streets of our nation in the wake of football madness.  

Some pretty hilarious tweets have also come as a consequence. Which might just be the best thing about this phase. 

Here are some of our favs: 

Rio Ferdinand is our spirit animal. 

Soz Chez

A work of art

Asking for a friend?

This one is for the Welsh/Scot/Irish peeps in the house... 



No competition. 

Read for FILTH. Poor man. 

The sweat is real... 

Can't deal tbh

He 100% said that.

Now go and enjoy the glory before it all comes crashing down around us. 

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