12 Halloween Costume Ideas For True Friends Fans

These are way, way better than 'Spud-nik'.

1. The one with your lobster

One for you and bae, obv.

Required: Two lobster suits, the holding of claws at all times.

2. The one that will work best if you talk in the kitchen

There's a sentence you never thought you'd dress up as.

Required: Santa suit, armadillo suit, brunette wig, purple shirt and jeans.

3. The one where you couldn't BE wearing any more clothes

Bonus points if you can do this without your mate's permission (and go commando).

Required: Everything your friend owns (the more sweater vests, the better).

4. The one with the chick and the duck

Accessory ideas: An engagement ring, a foosball table (if you're going for Chick Jr. and Duck Jr), a VCR, or a TV cabinet and a disco ball if you're feeling REALLY niche.

Required: Chick outfit, duck outfit, your imagination

5. The one with Mindy's bridesmaids

Warning: you must spend the entire evening singing Copacabana.

Required: The flounciest, floofiest pink dress and matching hat you can find - and the saddest face you can muster.

6. The one with Phoebe's smoke alarm

You might want to actually take out the batteries before you bring it along to the party.

Required: Flannel pajamas, a messy top knot, a smoke alarm, a shoe and a bad temper.

7. The one with the humidity

Get your friend to braid your hair with shells and you'll be draping them across your boyfriend's body in no time.

Required: A scalp of pure steel.

8. The one with Fat Monica and Rachel's old nose

Accessorise with giant red cups, college party style.

Required: A fat suit, prosthetic nose, 80s party gear and a massive bean bag. You know what to do.

9. The one with Ross' leather pants

Get ready to make yourself a pair of paste pants. No one will notice.

Required: Zero sense of shame, talcum powder and lotion

10. The one with Drake and Striker Ramoray

Perfect for twin brothers who really hate eachother - you can't be in the same room together all night, remember.

Required: A twin brother (preferably), two white coats, and a human brain (for Drake's transplant. Obv).

11. The one with Ross' sandwich

If you can carry around a triple decker turkey sandwich with a gravy moist maker all night without eating it, we salute you.

Required: A suit and briefcase, candyfloss and a pack of super-strong anxiety pills.

12. The one with the shitty Halloween costumes

If you want to go REALLY meta.

Required: Bae, a catwoman suit, a pink bunny outfit and LOTS of arm wrestling.

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