12 Situations That Awkward People Can't Handle

If you're an awkward person, you're sure to recognise these cringe-worthy scenarios!

1. When your date gives you a compliment.

"Thanks, your fingernails are pretty clean too."

2. When your date compliments you about how nice you look when you sleep at night.

So awkward... now Patrick knows about your Winnie The Pooh pyjama bottoms!

3. When you’re in a restaurant and you see someone you vaguely know.

You obviously don't want to speak to Sharon, the model from your life drawing class, but you're too awkward to successfully avoid her.

4. When the person you vaguely know joins you at the table.

Of course, Sharon orders the most expensive bottle of rose...

5. When the person you vaguely know and your date start to hit it off really well.

You literally had no idea how much they both loved the saxophone.

6. When your Facebook timeline is taken over by their engagement pictures.

It's such a cliché that Patrick proposed at the Eiffel Tower. You are not shocked.

7. When you’re too polite to decline an invitation to their wedding.

But having the wedding at the Eiffel Tower... now that is something you did not expect.

8. When you’re also too polite to decline doing a speech at their wedding.

You're really regretting taking all this holiday off work and missing your sister's graduation.

9. When it’s the wedding party and everyone knows the choreography to the songs in the film ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’ except you.

You thought you could blag Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ but this is too much. After the hip replacement surgery, you just can’t gyrate like everyone else can.

10. When your hotel room after the party is right next to the newlyweds and the walls are thin.

Now you know that Patrick has a mild foot fetish. You really dodged a bullet here.

11. When the couple name their children after you. All of them.

The flattery is very much overshadowed by how confusing this will make the rest of your life.

12. When the couple elope to Italy, leaving you in sole custody of all three Margaret Bernsteins.

So much responsibility... so much awkward!