12 Things We Learned From Desiree Burch & Chris Ramsey's Facebook Live

"All police officers are banging each other all the time"...

Last night we were lucky enough to have Chris Ramsey and Desiree Burch in the CC office for a good old-fashioned Facebook Live...

Now, in case you were unlucky enough to miss it, you can watch it below, but before that here are 10 things we learned from C and D.

1. Stand Up Central was Desiree’s first TV appearance

Hard to believe given she’s such a pro!


2. Northerners are cuter / rounder than their London counterparts

Well, accent-wise, anyway…

3. Scrooged, What About Bob, and Groundhog Day are all joint best movies of all time

Bill Murray is God.

4. Desiree is totally down with Aliens existing in the multiverse

Guessing she’s a big Rick & Morty fan.

5. According to Chris, the meaning of life is to laugh

As long as it pays his mortgage.

6. And, according to Desiree, the meaning of life is to try to get better before you drop dead and none of it matters anyway and oh God what have I been doing with my life what have I achieved why do I care when there’s no point in anything anyway does anyone ev…



7. All of your teachers are creeps and filth bags

Why else would they work for such little money?

8. And all police officers are banging each other all the time

9. The only thing that goes through Chris' head during a set is Domino’s shutting time

Gotta get that ‘za.

Warner Bros.

10. If he weren’t doing comedy, Chris would want to be a zookeeper

Or a puppy-only dog walker.

11. And if ~she~ weren’t doing comedy, Desiree would want to be a dominatrix… AGAIN

Or a teacher, what's the difference?


12. This series of Stand Up Central features the funniest hospital story you’ll ever hear

Spoilers, it features dicks.

Watch the full Facebook Live below...

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