13 Surprising Facts About Austin Powers That'll Get Your Mojo Going

Will they make you horny? Probably not, but still.

Apart from providing unoriginal guys with an easy to wear, extremely un-shagadelic fancy dress costume year after year, Austin Powers has also provided us with a hell of a lot of laughs.

And you should get ready to relive some of your favourite comedy moments as we showcase Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery tonight, 9pm.

But before you watch: did you know that the legacy of Austin Powers is packed full of surprising tidbits? For example: Mike Myers actually approached Jim Carrey to play Doctor Evil, but he turned it down because of Liar Liar.

We have loads of facts about the ultra-suave super spy. We're good like that. You'd love us at a dinner party. 

In any case, here's some more...

And before you go, check out this hilarious blooper reel, featuring all the times that Mike Myers and the cast lost their mojo...


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