12 Things You Never Knew About Will Ferrell

Why are people rubbing Will Ferrell's cream all over their bodies?

Will Ferrell is one of Hollywood’s greatest comedians. Full stop. Period.

From Zoolander, and Blades of Glory, to Daddy’s Home, and Elf, his characters and quotes have become iconic and unforgettable. Whether he’s anchoring Whale's Vagina's Channel 4 News Team, or rubbing his nether-regions on a drum-kit in Step Brothers, Ferrell is responsible for HUNDREDS of memorable movie moments. But it’s not just his films that make us big Ferrell fans.

So as he celebrates his 50th birthday, here are 12 reasons why we love Will Ferrell with some crazy facts thrown in for good measure!

If that doesn’t tempt you to grab the DVDs and have a Will Ferrell movie marathon this weekend, we don’t know what will!

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