12 Unmagical Things We’ve Learned From Disney Princess AMAs

Creepy men come with the costume. Or for it.

Walt Disney World is one of the greatest and happiest places on earth, where rainbows shoot out of things and no one ever has a bad thought. Agreed? Working there must be a dream job and Disney princesses have it best of all.

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The only thing more magical than a Disney princess is when one of them does a Reddit AMA, in which she reveals everything that actually goes into the role.

It turns out, it’s not as magical as you might have thought. Here's what we have learned.

1. Serious work goes into these roles. You have to work your way up through the ranks and that means putting in some serious fur time before you can upgrade to a big princess ball gown.

2. Guests will try and make you perform in character (i.e. speak the correct language).

3. Adults WILL hit on you. And sometimes it goes further than that. 

4. Accidental violations happen. 

5. Weird things will go down. 

6. The audition process is long and involved.

7. Personal hygiene will become an issue (and it's not always yours you have to worry about).

8. Not everyone gets the Disney memo.

9. Secret perks?

10. Adults want Disney parties too.

11. They don't wake up like that.

12. Obnoxious kids are part of the job.