13 facebook status updates we hate

Here are 13 Oh Hell No GIFs for when words alone can't express what you've just seen on your facebook newsfeed

You know the moment: You’re reading through your facebook newsfeed, minding your own business, when all of a sudden a distant acquaintance’s post slaps you in the face like a cold fish, and you’re in desperate need of a swift and merciless reply. We’ve got you covered, with an "Oh Hell No" GIF for every occasion...


The pompous anti-capitalist rant from your cousin who's just graduated with a Political Science degree and is currently working part time at Costa. 

The 5th Farmville request this week from the Aunt you thought you had defriended.

The sponsorship request from your friend who'll be training for a 2.5k over the next 3 months. Just after you've got back from your daily 5k.

The post full of wrongly used "it's" and "your" from your Uni friend, who is now an English teacher. 

The inspirational life-quote from the friend you'd nominate dead last in the "has their shit together" department.

The new "like" on a photo of you from 2011 from your ex, meaning they've just been digging through your old profile pictures.

The third question of the day from your friend who tries to use facebook as Google.

This: "I'm cleaning up my friends list, comment with 'please keep me' below if you'd like to stay."

The 'reception-only' wedding invitation because "we just don't have room for all our favourite people at the main ceremony".

The tag of a drunken, sweaty photo of you that you don't see until 24 hours after everyone else has. 

Any delivery-room photo where the baby hasn't had a bath yet.

The lengthy, very public post from your parent/older relative who clearly mistook your wall for your inbox.

The official sounding announcement of YOUR engagement that you haven't even had a chance to share with half your family yet.