13 FIFA Moments That Make You Want To Smash Your Controller

Broken controller? Broken TV? Well... here's why.

1. When the referee gives the wrong decision

Whether it’s a stupid offside decision, a very easy penalty decision overlooked or a red card for tapping a player with a pinkie finger, it's infuriating. Referees in the FIFA games are as professional as a dog driving a truck.

2. When your player’s shorts come off when shooting. 

This never happens, admittedly, but the gif is funny.

3. When your highest paid player asks for higher wages

You've spent half your career mode budget on a big player. You're paying him wages that could potentially be used to buy an island in the Mediterranean. Suddenly, the player pops up in your messages with a higher wage demand which you can't goddamn afford.

(Disclaimer: You cannot use FIFA career mode currency to purchase real-world property.)

4. When the camera man wants to join in

Sometimes camera men are just footballers that never made the cut.

5. When you want to sell your player but he doesn't want to leave

You've had enough of a particular player. They're doing nothing for you and your nurtured youngsters are coming up the ranks – you want to sell them but they think they have more to offer. Bog off!

6. When your player wants to leave but you need him to stay

The only player you have relied on the whole season suddenly feels he is missing home – the thing is, they always end up moving to a different country that isn't theirs. What happened to "missing home"?

7. When your manager forgets to go to SpecSavers

A wearing-glasses mode should be included in the new FIFA games. This is not normal.

8. When you are unfairly sacked by your board.

You have taken Barnet football club to the Premier League, won the English title twice and beaten Europe’s elite clubs to win the Champions League. Your name is in the history books (in the FIFA unrealistic world, you won’t find your name in your local library). You lose five matches in a row (while maybe going through a break-up with your bae) and the board decide to sack you. Well… 

9. The ‘PASS PASS PASS, PISS OFF YOUR OPPONENT’ routine in the last minutes of a match

Probably the most frustrating technique when used against you. Many joysticks have been snapped off due to this.

10. The ‘take the ball into the corner and stand still’ routine

When your computer opponent thinks it’s hilarious to take the ball to the corner and just stand there in the dying minutes of the second half. And your useless defender cannot get to the ball. 

11.When your opponent scores a last minute winner


It's 1-1, you have 75% possession and are dominating the game. You feel like that any moment now you’re going to score a goal with a bright smile on your face, and the robot fans will be cheering your robot player’s name! Before you know it, your opponent has scored in the 93rd minute with a shot that defies all known physics.

12. When you realise PES16 is better than FIFA16 


The most anticipated game of 2015 (for FIFA fans that is) that is FIFA 16 is beaten by PES16 in terms of game play and quality. FOR GOD SAKES, PES16 DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE CORRECT NAMES FOR TEAMS! NORTH LONDON REDS? IT’S ARSENAL YOU DONUTS! 

13. When you realise the FIFA trailers are ultimately deceptive

Let’s face it. FIFA can do the flashy trailers with the world’s best footballers, but that doesn't detract from the small but all-too-important changes:

Old FIFA: Pass the ball

New FIFA: Pass the ball with a nae nae dance