13 Prom Entrances That Signify The End Of The World As We Know It

And you thought your fire engine was good.

Your high school prom was, by and large, a joke. Prom means nothing to Brits, except a chance to poorly imitate another American cultural import (weirdly appropriated from Victorian debutante balls, mind). But some kids decide to take it as an opportunity to go all out, to make their arrival to prom into a big deal.

It wasn't good enough for them to just ask their mam for a lift, they had to make a statement as they rolled into the local leisure centre or whichever crack den their prom was hosted at. Some kids borrowed their uncle's midlife crisis Porche, or maybe hired a disco fire engine, but these people took it to the next level.

1. The girl who came as Sleeping Beauty... in an ambulance

2. The couple that rocked up in Heelies

3. The #lads that rolled up on granny scooters

4. The guy who arrived fresh from a 1970s cop show

5. The life-sized Barbie who ruined her resale value by leaving the box

6. The guys that arrived on a tandem

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7. The geniuses that recreated Monty Python and the Holy Grail

8. The Doctor Who fan that was clearly expecting some kind of parade

9. The girl that somehow acquired a camel for the evening

10. The classic motorbike entrance... with a twist

ZOMG I did not see that coming!!!

11. The girls that trundled in on the bucket of a JCB

Sadly the balloons they attached to the digger caused them to float away. They've not been seen since.

12. This brave Stormtrooper who broke protocol and brought a civilian to the Death Star prom

13. These cool cats who, fair play, must have practiced that at least twice

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