13 North London Slang Words You Can Use At Work

Want to be down with the youth or want your own secret language that no one will understand?

1. Yo.

Translation: Hi

This is a great way to greet your fellow colleagues at the High Court in the morning. 

 2. What you saying?

Translation: How are you? What are you doing? What have you done? Why are you here? Is it a bird, is it a plane? Is there life on Mars?

This is a simple sentence that asks many questions. All of the questions, in fact.

3. Wagwan? (Wahg-wahn?)

Translation: What are you up to?

This is very simple, but please do be careful as it may lead to an unwarranted conversation about Bob Marley. 

4. Man ain’t on tings.

Translation: I am currently feeling slightly under the weather.

This makes it clear to people that you're having the day that comes after a drunken night, or you've caught a cold from your uncle who insists on sleeping in the same room as you. This sentence has the power to tell your fellow colleagues that you just can’t do shit.

5. Bun (pronounced b-un)

Translation: Ugly

This is a very simple word, however, very effective when describing your ex bae, or any former baes.

6. Water ting

Translation: Water cooler

Well, when you are thirsty, isn’t it.

7. Yo, check that ting

Translation: Excuse me, I urge you to take a look at that woman/man.

This can be used when you don’t want the good looking posh twat in the office to know that you are checking them out and encouraging otehrs to do the same.

8. That ting buff

Translation: That woman/man is very physically attractive.

You see future bae in the office, you scope future bae in the office and then you make a decision that may lead to a lot of children… in the office.

9. My trap line is popping.

Translation: I have been very busy conversing on the telephone.

The ultimate excuse for why you were not replying to your emails. When in fact, you were stalking your ex’s Facebook.

10. Trap trapping in the Bando.

Translation: I am working.

This is best to use if your mum ever calls you at work to remind you about the milk and bread you forgot to buy.

11. Just got grilled by boss man.

Translation: I have recently been told off by my manager. 

This is a very simple response to your nosy, dipshit colleagues who want to know why the manager called you in to the office. You're not giving them any reasons, just confirming yes, you just got grilled by boss man.

12. Big man ting.

Translation: In all seriousness.

This is best used when you have colleagues who will laugh at all your misfortunes. From a piano falling on your head to your cat squeezing your testicles, this phrase will help bring a tone of seriousness to your stories.

13. Safe blud.

Translation: Goodbye, friend!

This phrase lets your colleague know that you do not care about them but don't actually want them to die.