11 Pranks Only Friends Fans Could Hope To Understand

So, you get a coin and...


To celebrate April Fool's Day we've rounded up some pranks that only Friends fans can truly understand. If you don't get them, get out. 

1. Place a severed thumb in their soda

Any thumb will do. 

2. Make Gladys visit them in the middle of the night

Bonus points if you bring Glynnis too. 

3. Call your baby girl Chandler

Bit of a long-haul prank, this, but definitely worth it. 

4. Post on Facebook that your friend has died, and then invite everyone to your flat to commemorate them 

Even better when only one mourner turns up. 

5. Be the aforementioned dead friend, and come back to life when the aforementioned one mourner shows up

Just kidding, only Ross would do something as sick as that. 

6. Jump out from behind curtains to help your victim master Unagi 

Ahh, salmon skin roll. 

7. Change your name to Crap Bag

That'll really piss off your mate, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

8. Throw a dummy dressed like you down the stairs

It's great because it's traumatising. 

9. Take a quarter, blacken the edge, and ask your pal to roll it down their face

In the words of Ben: "Can I do it to you?" 

10. Steal a stuffed penguin from a child

Because you deserve a bedtime penguin pal. 

11. Drill 

Anywhere. Anything. 

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