13 Reasons Why Commuting Is Actually The Best Thing Ever

Rush hour? More like WHAT a rush hour.

1. If you're lucky, you might get squashed up against a hottie on the train.

2. Being squashed on public transport also means being able to use people to rest up against whilst you have a little snooze.

3. Every seat is taken and there's nothing to hold on to on the train, so you have to stand in the carriage while it wobbles and shakes all over the place. Use the situation to your advantage - You now have a free virtual snowboard simulator.

4. An early commute is hard but the thought of being the first to grab the freshest sandwiches and croissants in the cafe is a great incentive.


5. All that pushing, shoving and running to catch the train probably counts as a daily workout.

6. Yes, it's difficult waking up early but you do get to witness the break of dawn. Stunning, isn't it?

7. Free Newspaper on the tube!

8. Think of the money you're saving on energy bills at home when you commute into work!

9. You can feel safe in the knowledge that a rush hour commute is probably as stressful as your day will get.

10. With so many people commuting into work, you're more likely to cross your future soulmate on the escalator.

11. There is nothing more fun than watching somebody on public transport try and fail miserably at applying their makeup.

12. There's an art to being able to successfully weave through people during rushhour but when you manage it, it's just SO satisfying.

13. Admit it, you feel pretty smug when you're the first to board the train or bus.