13 Reasons Why The Addams Family Values Is The Ultimate Thanksgiving Movie

And you've been watching it on Halloween for all these years.

1. The clue is in the title: 'Family', which is what the holidays revolve around, non?

2. There's even a surprise pregnancy. It's essentially the American equivalent of the Eastenders Christmas episode.

3. But of course no family is without its holiday dramas, which Debbie provides plenty of. 

4. And weird uncles, which Fester more than takes care of.

5. The kids struggle to get along, just like when you're forced to spend too much time with your siblings on special occasions.

6. Usually unflappable, Morticia Addams just. Can't. Even. Much like your mum cooking a bird for 12 people. 

7. There's an unexpected romance, because holidays awaken all sorts of *~feelings~*.

8. Granny is even sassier than usual. Probably all the brandy.

9. And Wednesday perfectly embodies your cousin who has just hit puberty.

10. There's a jazzy musical number which actually tells the story of Thanksgiving. Sort of.

11. And plenty of booze.

12. Good eventually triumphs over evil, like all the best holiday stories.

13. Pugsley Addams dressed as a turkey. Need we say more?

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