13 Shit Dinosaurs

The new Jurassic World trailer tries to make us think dinosaurs are dead scary. But they're not. They're shit. Have a look at this bunch of ponces.


Hey dipshit, you're not supposed to evolve into a chicken for another 65 million years.


You know what's scarier than a t-rex? A t-rex with a tiara. Said no one ever.




Look at this wuss. One comment about his plumage and he's straight home crying to mummy.

[subheader]Anzu wyliei[/subheader]

Aww, what happened? Did you step on some pre-historic lego?


Because nothing's scarier than a dinosaur who looks as if he's just been told off by his boss for dropping a plate.


Yes, that's its real name. It might look scary but actually it just hogs the remote and drinks all your milk.


Mate, maybe if you did a bit of cardio once in a while we'd actually take you seriously.


This one's actually terrifying. If you're a tiny block of cheese.


Really, you're going to eat us? And risk getting blood on your nice clean coat? You're basically a walking cuddle.


What you gonna do mate? Fan us to death?


This one's supposed to be scary, but if this artist's impression is anything to go by he was a right puny little shit. Jurassic Pansies more like.

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