13 Times Louis Theroux Got Hands On AF

Vomit, nudity and flirtation galore.

Oh Louis, Louis, Louis. He's the only person to have hung out with swingers, neo-nazis and murderers and still be considered a national treasure.

He's also the master of keeping a straight face - does anyone ever actually know what he's thinking? - as he listens to stuff from the pretty scary to downright absurd.

But as well as the whole 'totally neutral guy' thing he's got going on, he also gets down and dirty. Here are some of his finest moments.

When he let a weaponised dog attack him

"You scared?" 

"Yeah I think I am a bit scared."

When Christine Hamilton tried to seduce him

“Why shouldn’t I sit here holding your knee?”

When he went ‘hypnotic dating’

“It’s not hypnosis, it’s bliss-nosis”.

When he had breakfast with the 'Barbarian Brotherhood'

“Who would beat you up?”


When he met an alien called Courton

“This is central control. Stand by.”

When he tried his hand at rapping

“Ugliness and damage, and plain miscarriages… Of justice.”

And bodybuilding

“Is there a market for this?” *Points to self*

And blackjack

“It feels a bit sick… I don’t like it.”

When he let himself be 'hypnotised'

“I’m running around in a park... with my parents?”    

When he took a closer look at the Westboro Baptist Church's picket signs

“Are we talking about Princess Diana? I can’t believe my ears.”

And met Shirley Phelps

“I’m talking about anything other than one man, one woman, in their marriage bed.”

When he met female bodybuilding fans

“I think they look like goddesses.”

When he was thrown into the ring with male bodybuilders


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