14 Blockbuster Memories That Will Break Every 90s Kid's Heart

Friday nights just aren't the same.

1. When you were not kind and did not rewind

2. When you dragged your mum there to rent out a specific game AND THERE WEREN'T ANY COPIES LEFT

3. When you reserved what you wanted and they RANG YOUR MUM TO TELL HER IT WAS BACK IN

4. When you begged your parents to buy you some chocolate and/or popcorn at the till - and they caved

5. When you rushed through the Horror aisle because the scary covers terrified you

6. When your mum or dad would go on the way home from work and bring home a completely random film you'd never heard of

7. Being allowed to borrow your parents' membership card and walk there with your mates

8. Watching yourself on the security camera screens when you thought no one was looking

9. Sniffing around the 15 and 18 Certificates when your mum wasn't looking - and getting weirded out by the covers

10. Convincing your parents to browse the New Releases on a Friday night and get a takeaway on the way home = winning at life

11. Doing your mum a favour and running videos back to the Quick Drop

12. Forgetting to take them back for your parents and getting in trouble for late fees

13. Getting a job there as a teenager which involved eating popcorn, arguing about late fees and rewinding VHS tapes

But you got a kick-ass discount. 

14. Finding out a little-known company called Netflix offered to sell their company to them - and they declined



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