12 OC Facts That Prove You're Too Old For Spring Break In Tijuana

California, I'm not coming, It ended nine years ago, man.

Seems like just yesterday you were desperate to go on Spring Break in Tijuana, begged your Mum to give Chrismukkah a go and demanded only cream cheese bagels for breakfast, eh?

Your obsession with The OC might have gone, but it's not forgotten - but while you were busy clawing your way through adolescence, getting job rejection letters and wasting money on cocktails and council tax, the cast got older too. This week, Seth (Adam Brody) and Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) BOTH announced they are becoming dads IRL - and you, my friend, are old.

Here's a bunch more OC facts that'll plunge you to the depths of existentialism. Enjoy!

1. Mischa Barton, aka Marissa, was 12 years old when she appeared as a child actress alongside Hugh Grant in Notting Hill

That was in 1999. Mischa turns 30 in January. Her latest film is a limited-release horror-comedy called L.A. Slasher that holds 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Oh.

2. BAM, these two are the same person

Shailene Woodley, who played Kaitlyn Cooper as a 12 year-old, is now 23 and played the lead in The Fault In Our Stars. Wonder if she still thinks China's the prettiest pony.

3. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson dated FOR THE ENTIRE RUN OF THE SHOW

If you already knew that, you're sad. If you didn't, that is even sadder.

4. BUT Seth Cohen had a baby with Blair Waldorf. And they starred in a film together (it's called Oranges and it's a total mindfuck)

That's right, Adam Brody and Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester are now real life, cross-TV show lovers. They got married last year and just had a baby. Ed Westwick and Rachel Bilson would make a cute couple, come to think of it...

5. Sandy Cohen's eyebrows are still fantastic, but he's 60 now

Yep, Peter Gallagher just tuned 60. That is five years older than Jeremy Clarkson. Just saying.

6. The OC's pilot episode aired on the 5th August 2003. You know what song was No.1 then? Breathe, by Sean Paul and Blu Cantrell

A casual 12 years ago.

7. That's the same year David Blaine locked himself in a tupperware box for 44 days

8. Madonna and Britney snogged

9. And Martin Bashir's bonkers Michael Jackson documentary aired on ITV

10. Baby-faced trouble maker Ryan Atwood aka Benjamin McKenzie is now 37 years old, and expecting a baby. Pow!

11. Autumn Reeser, who played uni student Taylor (booooo, we heart Summer 4eva) is 35 now. We'll just let that sink in

12. The last episode aired on the 22nd February 2007. NINE FRICKIN YEARS AGO



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