14 Things Everyone Regrets Doing at Uni

Turn the heating on, FFS.

1. Watching everything on Netflix

While it may sound cool to be able to have in-depth discussions about nearly every TV show, you are essentially wasting away on the sofa, when you could be taking part in an afternoon of pub golf. A much more productive use of your time!

2. Getting off with someone you have no interest in

We've all been there. After pre-drinking at the student union, you head to a horrible club where you end up kissing someone from your halls who you have so far managed to avoid, ever since you found out they opted to stay there over the Christmas holidays. Deep regret.

3. Not being sure if you got off with someone or not

Again, we've all been there. You'll be staring at them from across a lecture theatre thinking “did we…?" or "was it good...?”

4. Pretending to be way more into politics than you are, to impress people

It's tempting to exaggerate how much you know/understand about politics, when it's all people around you talk about. But if you go too far, you'll end up in some sort of debate, where you will be completely out of your depth. To get out of this, just say "instead of debating about this, I'd rather go out and actually make a difference in the world". Then just go to your room to watch TV. They'll think you're so commited to your political beliefs.

5. Going to the same awful club on a weekly basis

There comes a point in every student's life where you stop asking "where are we going tonight?" because you know it'll be the cheap student night that only plays music from the top 40. The £2 spirit and mixer deal still won’t make up for the fact it’s incredibly overcrowded and every time you leave, you’re covered in bruises.

6. Not washing your clothes enough

If you're spraying your whole outfit with Febreze before go to a lecture, this is a clear sign that you need to DO YOUR FRIGGING LAUNDRY.

7. Not cleaning your house enough

Again, there are some smells that Febreze just can't cover up. Spend half a day cleaning and your flat will no longer smell like a rotting corpse (until the morning after your next house party at least).

8. Not caring about your appearance enough

It's all too easy to stop making an effort with your appearance when you're a student, because all your friends also look like shit. Line yourself up a few Tinder dates to make sure you dig out the hair brush and finally wash your face.

9. Not paying to heat your house

Yet, you actually live in it and instead, opt to cover yourself in loads of blankets and be able to see your breath. However, if your flat is that cold, you are probably more likely to spend more time in a nice warm library (though you'll probably just watch Netflix on your laptop).

10. Leaving it way too long between haircuts

It can be hard to trust a hairdresser in a new city, so most students just put off getting their hair cut until they look like something from a horror film. Also, you have to ask yourself the question "would I rather spend £15 on a haircut, or a night out?" Though to be honest, it's probably the latter. Maybe you can wait until your back visiting your parents.

11. Spending more time and effort on fancy dress costumes than your degree

Yeah, everyone in the student union will think you're really inventive and 'think outside the box', but now you can't afford to pay your water bills. Just jazz up an old bed sheet next time.

12. Surviving purely off frozen pizza

It's cheap, it's easy, and more importantly, it's pizza. Just make sure to preheat the oven first. You may be assuming that this is on the list because eating pizza every day is unhealthy. Wrong. If you eat pizza every day, then it doesn't become special anymore. Eat one once a week maximum, then you still get a really excited feeling when your flatmate suggests a takeaway.

13. Getting ill and not doing anything about it

You'll miss lectures because you're ill, but not miss any nights out and just do some shots to ease the pain. Then you'll wonder why your flu has lasted a fortnight. See a doctor! Or at least buy some Lemsip.

14. Just not being productive... ever

Yes, we do mean smoking too much weed.