12 WTF Facts About The First Series Of Malcolm In The Middle

Frankie's IQ was 165. Can you guess what the average person's is?

1. For years, producers kept the family name a secret. What they'd forgotten was that it was on briefly glimpsed on Francis' name tag in the pilot episode.

Not that one, another one. It was Wilkerson.

2. Malcolm was named after the famous stock car racer Rusty Malcolm.

Frankie Muniz's character is also a genius with an IQ of 165 and a photographic memory. The average person's is between 85-115!

3. At Malcolm's graduation in the final season, no one sits near the family due to their smell - this is a reference to the first season, when no one will sit near Malcolm because he is so smart.

4. We see a monster fighting a woman in the opening credits - this is from a 1961 film called Creature from the Haunted Sea

5. If you look closely, nearly all of the houses in Malcolm's street have "For Sale" signs. Wonder why...

6. Frankie Muniz starred in Sabrina the Teenage Witch before landing the role of Malcolm on Malcolm in the Middle, in 1999!

7. He's 30 now. These days he loves racing car driving and golf. WTF!

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8. The first episode of the show picked up the largest audience for a Fox debut since The Simpsons

20 million people tuned in to see the pilot.

9. Malcolm In The Middle first aired on 9th January 2000

10. 'Krelboyne,' the name given to Malcolm's gifted class of students, references loveable nerd Seymour from the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors

Rick Moranis was in the 1986 musical remake and kicked arse in it.

11. Actress Merrin Dungey was in the very first episode as Malcolm's school teacher - but she later played Stevie's Mum!

12. Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul auditioned for the role of Francis, but didn't get the part. He waited another DECADE to act alongside Bryan Cranston, AKA Heisenberg!

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