14 Times Friends Were Peak Squad Goals

They'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.

1. When they larked around in that fountain like YOUR SHITTY FRIENDS NEVER WANT TO DO

2. When they invited their 'super hot' friends over and they were *actually* super hot

3. When they told a few white lies instead of hitting their pals with the painful, painful truth

4. When they stuck by their friends no matter what their life choices

5. When they knew the proper way to cheer each other up on a shitty day

6. When they took a *real* interest in each other's new hobbies

7. When they tolerated each other's 'quirky' traits

8. When they owned up to doing something really, really bad. Then forgave each other. And weren't passive agressive for the next five months

9. When they knew they could call on each other in times of true need

10. When they had actual arguments over how much they loved each other

11. And turned other arguments into actually-really-fun-games

12. When they welcomed each other's partners, no matter how fucking weird they were

13. When two of them secretly fancied each other and it WASN'T horrifically awkward

14. In fact, they lived happily after. Like, for real

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