15 Crimes Against Humanity You See In Every Primark

Welcome to Jurassic Primark.

1. The psychological torment of finally finding that skirt in your size before realising the hanger, label, and tag all say different sizes  

2. The sheer inhumanity of a woman deciding she can’t wait for the changing room, and trying on a jumpsuit in the middle of the shop

3. The actual murder of your dreams as you hear a child say: “Omg, this is the one Zoella wears!”

4. The horrific persecution of workers who have to sort out the inevitable pile of single shoes by the mirrors

5. The extreme torture that is seventeen babies crying simultaneously

Yup. There’s an actual child under there.

6. This


7. This

8. These


Liam, what’s wrong bbz?

9. The pain and frustration of trying to get past teen girls Snapchatting themselves in novelty sunglasses

10. The agony of waiting in the queue for twenty-five minutes trying to resist a Pez dispenser shaped like Miss Piggy

11. The enslavement of some poor mother carrying five mesh shopping baskets

12. The all-out-war that happens when you try to commandeer a mirror

13. The sorrow of seeing your favourite TV show reduced to a cutesy T-shirt

14. The extermination of the entire human race under our Minion overlords

15. The lighting